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Unique Approach to the Job Interview

job interview

After reviewing dozens of articles on the job interview, I found a sales consultant with the unique approach to the interview. He has written the interview chapter of my book (Land the Perfect Job in an Imperfect Market – Chapter 15 - Sales Interview – Selling the Most Important Product – By Ron Finklestein). Below is a tiny summary of his approach. Sorry, you will need to buy the Kindle version of my book for a comprehensive understanding of the interview process.

The biggest problem is trust: Let me explain this, so it makes sense. The challenges we’re dealing with today are changing. Things are changing so fast people don’t know who to trust. Let me give you some facts that will blow you away.

Essentially your future employer is saying, stop selling to me. Just convince me why I should hire you.

Question #1: “What do you do?”

If I asked you “What you do?” What would you tell me?

If you answered, “I am a financial planner,” or “I am an accountant,” or “I fix computers,” then you got it wrong. This is not what you do. This is how you do it.

Question #2: “How are you different?” or “What’s in it for me?”

Let’s bring this back to our financial planner. If I asked our financial planner “How are you different?” what would he say? This is really important given the large number of financial planners there are. The last figure I heard was that 89% of them leave the business in the first year. Knowing this, why would I hire you?

Question #3: “Why are you the right and safe choice?”

Once they know what you do, and you tell them what’s in it for them, they’re going to want to know the answer to this question: “How do I know you are the right and safe choice for me, right now?” This question addresses a very powerful question for your prospects, which is “Can I trust you to do what you say you will do?”

Question #4: “What do you do better than anyone else in the world (in your industry)?”

You are unique. There is no one like you. The uniqueness you bring to a future employer is a great example of how to answer this question. It is not the only answer, but it is a great place to start.

Question #5: “Why is that important to my prospects?”

This isn’t the same question as #3, although it is similar. “What makes you the right and safe choice?” was part of the trust-building process. But this question, #5, is the beginning of the buying process. Here is where your value is created. The answers to the first three questions established trust, the answer to the fourth question differentiated you from your competitors, and now this question moves into allowing the customer to buy from you.

Question #6: “Why buy from me?” or “Prove it.”

So here’s the last question. Why hire me? This is the fundamental question; this is where the proof exists. Do you have the credentials? Can you say, “I’ve done this for another company, and I can do the same for you”? Do you have endorsements from others who will vouch for you?


People want to do business with people who they know they can trust; who they respect; and who they understand, they can trust. Relationships are critical!

Answering the six questions will go a long way to building a strong relationship because when you talk to your prospect in words they understand, they will feel heard and understood. This is the first step in building trust.


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