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Shelma: “I hear from people that give feedback that my resume looks impressive and my credentials are amazing and easy to find. My resume looks uncluttered and easy to read. My key points standout”


Donna: “I just got a call from (employer) about an interview.  It is set for April 8th but I just had to tell you what the girl said.  She said that she thought that my resume was one of the best she had ever seen.  Straight forward and to the point and all on one page.  She was going to design her kids resume from your format.  By the way I didn't tell her that I didn't do it.”


Laura: “Employers are swamped with paperwork. The person that is conducting an interview said it is wonderful to have such colorful information on the resume.  They have commented on this new approach to a resume. The clarity gives them something to talk about immediately. Employers want to know if you are qualified for the position right in their office. The resume you created gave real information and it was not generic. The references are listed with live comments.”

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