Land the Perfect Job in an Imperfect Market!

We wrote the book on landing a job!

When I worked at the Department of Veterans Affairs, I wrote a white paper: “We believe that the next ten years will be a continuation of job markets that include temporary, part-time, downsizing, core employees, contracted services, specialized skills, reduced benefits and self-employment.  Veterans not only need to have skills and knowledge needed in these job markets, but the ability to survive and thrive in these job markets.”
    What has changed?  Maybe the changes have accelerated with multiple recessions over the last 20 years, exporting jobs, supply and demand, and major changes with technology and computerization.  These factors are beyond any institution to fix. There is a real possibility that there will be a large group that will not find gainful employment in a lifetime.
    This brings us to our current concern:  How can you find suitable employment in a chaotic job market with many applicants chasing limited job openings?  What skills and knowledge do employers need and applicants need to make a job match? How can you find the decision-makers with job screening that includes impersonal software and contract recruiters?  What kind of employment barriers do you have? How will you make the first cut?
    You need a new mind set! In the current job market you need to consider yourself “self-employed.”  There are no longer social contracts for employment,  if they ever existed.
    You bring skills, experience and work habits to the employer.  The employer has a problem to solve.  As long as there is a balance between your needs and the needs of the employer, you will have stable employment.
    You have a responsibility to yourself to continue to build skills and determine what additional skills are in demand, with your employer and in the job market.  You are on a continuing learning curve for the rest of your working career if you are to thrive.  We will discuss what you can do in Chapter 8.
    Is your head spinning yet? 

—   Joe Ortenzi

What the experts are saying:

“Joe Ortenzi delivers on his promise to “land the perfect job” in sparkly, easy to understand words. This is not your parent’s job hunting guide! He tells us to treat our career search as a marketing and sales process. He advises us to design our cover letter, our resume, our very image to be aesthetically pleasing and stand out from the crowd. Land the Perfect Job is a must read for anyone and everyone who is looking for a dream job.”

Sara Littlefield, Executive Director,

Owner, Townsend Learning Center

“You only need to read one book about job search--THIS ONE!  The chapters are short and to the point.  It will get you into action--exactly what is needed to secure new employment!  It is a wonderful reference for the job search coach, too.  I am thrilled to have it on my bookshelf.”

Barbara Burk, CRC, LPC, D/ABVE

Vocational Expert

“There are scores of books on the shelves about how to find a job, but most are geared to the college educated professional job seeker.  Mr. Ortenzi's book is the "Job Seekers Guide for the Average Joe Job Seeker."  He tells the stories of some regular job seekers taking us from a starting point for each of near desperation and defeat to successful employment and job fulfillment.  This book is a "must-read" for anyone seeking employment who doesn't know where to begin.”

Bruce Holderead, M.A., CRC,

Former Department of Veterans Affairs Vocational