Global Thought Leaders Speak Out on the 21st Century Workforce

A Theory of Everything (Sort Of)

Thomas L. Friedman

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LONDON burns. The Arab Spring triggers popular rebellions against autocrats across the Arab world. The Israeli Summer brings 250,000 Israelis into the streets, protesting the lack of affordable housing and the way their country is now dominated by an oligopoly of crony capitalists. From Athens to Barcelona, European town squares are being taken over by young people railing against unemployment and the injustice of yawning income gaps, while the angry Tea Party emerges from nowhere and sets American politics on its head.


Robots are coming for your job

Bryan Dean Wright

Viral video released in February showed Boston Dynamics' new bipedal robot, Atlas, performing human-like tasks: opening doors, tromping about in the snow, lifting and stacking boxes. Tech geeks cheered and Silicon Valley investors salivated at the potential end to human manual labor.
   Shortly thereafter, White House economists released a forecast that calculated more precisely whom Atlas and other forms of automation are going to put out of work. Most occupations that pay less than $20 an hour are likely to be, in the words of the report, “automated into obsolescence.”
   The so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution has found its first victims: blue-collar workers and the poor.



Success in the New Economy

Direction and Motion Graphics: Brian Y. Marsh
Written and Narrated by: Kevin Fleming

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Citrus College supported the production of “Success in the New Economy” to help a broader audience begin to understand preparation today for tomorrow’s labor market realities. The end result is a compelling case for students to explore career choices early, make informed decisions when declaring their college education goal, and to consider technical skill acquisition, real-world application and academics (career technical programs) in tandem with a classic education. This balanced approach to life and learning results in a well-educated and employed workforce.

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Land the Perfect Job in an Imperfect Market

For the last 16 years, Joe has operated Skills Enrichment Group – his own company which focuses is on return-to-work services. He has more than three decades experience putting difficult-to-place individuals in satisfying employment. During this time, he has learned how to break through the clutter and make his clients stand out among the multitudes of job seekers.